Hey. I’m back. Again. I hope you had a good Monday. Some of you are back to work or to school so good luck with the coming days. But it’s not because we are back to work that we are gonna stop sharing our vacation moments, so I’m here today with a travel diary (yeh again) of my very short escape in south Spain: 3 days in Granada.

So yes, I have been to a lot of places in Spain, from Ronda to Barcelona. Between all of these cities, Granada and Sevilla are so far the most gorgeous ones.  They hold the spirit and the real beauty of the country. If you wanna visit the city, three days are perfect, you can visit the Alhambra (something impossible if you don’t have your tickets at least 2 mouths ago), see the main districts like Albaicin, Sacramonte etc…

  • Day I: Albaicin and the city center.

Albaicin is the city center. It’s a big neighborhood that leads you to  the mirador and the church of San Nicolas. Full of little typical shops to kind of “represent” and “recreate” the nasride’s adge athmosphere. You can enjoy the view on Alhambra from the mosque of Granada too.

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  • Day  II: Catedral de Granada.

Well usually, when people come to Granada, the first thing they do is the visit the famous Alhambra. I’m ashamed to tell you that I have been in Granada twice, without visiting this impressive monument. This time, I almost cried, but I know it’s not my last time there, so I still have some hope. Anyway, if you have your tickets, go and enjoy the castle, but if you  don’t, I have some other options for you.

You can take a walk to the Royal Chapel, where you can see the tombstones of the queen Isabella and the king Fernando II. You can complete the tour by visiting the Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Madrasah of Granada. On your way, you can stop by the plaza Bib-Rambla where you can have lunch.

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  • Day III: Sacramonte

If you didn’t workout during your entire vacation, well you will on day three. If you go to Granada, I highly recommend you to visit the area of Sacramonte, where the flamenco is apparently born. This neighborhood in the top of  the mountain, is far from the rest of the city. The gypsy used to live in the area, you can by the way visit the museum of the Gitan women but also the church and the white house-caves.

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Written by Maha El Haiba

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