Hey. I am back. Again. I’m so so happy today to be back with a new post that a lot of you may need lately. I know it’s summer break, and that most of you are on holiday. The first weeks are soooo good. Getting some rest, sleeping in, chilling, catching  all the episodes of your favorite TV shows, that you missed because of school… Somehow, after a while, you start to be a little  bored and you don’t really know what to do with your spare time. I know that we are individuals, we don’t like to do the same things, or have the same hobbies, but I tried to come up with some suggestions of activities that can suit to everyone, to kill some time: How To Beat Boredom During Summer.

  1. Meet some friends: I can tell you, seeing yours friends outside of school feels so good. Meet them for a lunch, a slumber party, or just around a coffee to catch up and gossip. The two things that friends do the best.
  2. Read: It may sound annoying, but I assure you, reading really helps passing the time. What I do, for example, is that I fix a number of 20 pages per day. You just have to pick the right book and choose a story that will draw your attention. How To Beat Boredom During Summer.
  3. Sports: One of the best way to beat boredom is to exert yourself  physically and practice some sports. Once again, it’s all about choosing the sport that suits you and the one that you enjoy the most, because it’s all about the desire, and there are no results if you see it as a chore: Yoga, muscle strengthening, jogging, swimming, dancing. No matter what, just move and you will see, it’s the perfect way to beat boredom quickly. Plus, it will help for the bikini body.
  4. Explore your talents: You probably have a talent, a hobby that you want to work on or improve. It is the perfect time of the year. You have some time to kill, so go ahead. Let this dancer, singer, actor, or musician out of you. How To Beat Boredom During Summer.
  5. Watch or re-watch movies: A Disney or a Harry Potter for the tenth time is always a good idea. It’s also the good time to discover some classics or foreign films. Who knows, this summer may transform you in a moviegoer. My favorite movies here
  6. Shopping: I think we have the ultimate cure here, but you may need a little budget. Otherwise, you still have the option of discounts and flea markets. Summer sales selection here
  7. Cook: Okay, I just mentioned workout and sports few lines before, but it’s all right. Once a week, you can treat yourself and your family with a huge pie or a perfect pizza. It always makes the mama happy.How To Beat Boredom During Summer.
  8. Splash: Perfect weather for a beach or a poolside day. With an evening meal in the outdoor, it’s even better. And if you don’t have either of them, you can always squat the house of a good friend.

And that’s all I have. Hope you’ll enjoy your vacation, and that you found the answer to how to beat boredom during summer

Written by Maha El Haiba

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