Latest Makeup Favorites

Latest Makeup Favorites | Beauty

Hey. I am back. Again !! I am continuing all this back to school/back to work posts, with a beauty one this time. Like I already said in a previous post, I don’t wear a lot of makeup in my daily life. But I love seeing people playing with it, getting really creative, making real… Read more »

the end of summer

End Of Summer

Hey. I’m back. Again. How your back to school is going. I hope you are all satisfied with your classes, teachers and timetables. I know it’s always a hard time, none of us want to give up his bed for a chair, but unfortunately, it’s a necessary step, we will get used to it very… Read more »

3 days in Granada 11

3 days in Granada | Travel Diary

Hey. I’m back. Again. I hope you had a good Monday. Some of you are back to work or to school so good luck with the coming days. But it’s not because we are back to work that we are gonna stop sharing our vacation moments, so I’m here today with a travel diary (yeh… Read more »

Skincare Summer Favorites 1

Skincare Summer Favorites

Hey, I’m back, again. I realized that I don’t talk a lot about beauty on the blog. I don’t have a lot of posts talking about makeup, because I don’t wear any, despite my eyeliner.  It’s the week-end and it’s the perfect time of the week where we all want to take care of ourselves,… Read more »

valenciana travel diary

Valenciana | Travel Diary

Hey. I’m back. Again, with another blog post about guess what ? Yeah vacation. I think traveling, visiting new places, living other people’s life, seeing new horizons are ones of the best feelings in the world. Traveling is part of the healing that holidays give you.  Sometimes, for a better restart, you have to change the… Read more »

Design sans titre

Shop celebrities swimwear style

Hey, I’m back again. Are you looking for the perfect bathing suit for your next days under the sun ? Well, you’re in the right place.  I have been on different shops looking for the perfect copies of the most beautiful beachwear of Instagram’s  favorite girls. Click on the name of the brand to shop celebrities… Read more »

beauty news

Beauty News: Summer products

Hey, I’m back, again. A quick post to let you know about the latest products in the cosmmetic industry and all the beauty news.   Dior lip tattoo  Terracotta Guerlain Oil Maybelline Master blush Zoeva Sweet Glamour eyeshadow palette  Nars Highlighting and Bronzing Bord de plage palette  Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara Tarte poreless primer  Dolce &… Read more »

couture fall-winter 2017

Couture Fall-Winter 2017

Hey. I am back. Again. Okay, let’s all take a moment and have five minutes of glamour everyone. Yesterday was the last day of a week of Couture fashion shows, galas, and all others bling bling events. As a respectable “fashion” blogger, it’s my duty to report to my beloved readers the most memorable moments of… Read more »

Seventies fashion


Hey. I am back. Again. Happy Sunday everyone, hope you had a sunny and funny weekend. I came today with a verspecial look to me, composed by two of my favorite items in my wardrobe, inspired by the seventies fashion. I am a real vintage lover, especially of the period from the 40s to the… Read more »

How To Beat Boredom During Summer.

How To Beat Boredom During Summer.

Hey. I am back. Again. I’m so so happy today to be back with a new post that a lot of you may need lately. I know it’s summer break, and that most of you are on holiday. The first weeks are soooo good. Getting some rest, sleeping in, chilling, catching  all the episodes of… Read more »

  • Sarah


    My name is Sarah and I am going to tell you my story. I am twenty-three from Greece, but actually living in Boston. My grandfather died three days before  I was born, so I was like a little daylight in the sadness of my small family. I grew up like all the little girls, ok, almost…… Read more »

  • ba

    Expensive VS cheap designer bags

    Everyone like bags, specially some girls, and boys that have a real obsession about it. The best bags are usually designers bags, very classy,  fashionable, but they are too much expensive and we can’t afford it, for the majority of us. I did my little investigation on few brands’ websites to find you the exact copies… Read more »



    Hey everyone, first of all, I would like to apologize for this absence, I’ve been busy, between school and the making of this huge article, that I hope, you will like it. So as you saw it in the title, here’s for you the: STYLE EVOLUTION: 2Oth CENTURY A new century, a new history. Europe moved from… Read more »

  • Botanical Garden


    Last month, I had the chance to go to the International Festival Of Marrakech. I had the opportunity to see films from different countries, dealing with different subjects. But had also the occasion to visit for the second time the famous Jardin Majorelle. Eventually I discovered a lovely and original gallery in the city center who’s exposing young Moroccan… Read more »

  • franca-banniere

    WFW: The great Franca Sozzani

    Franca Sozzani was an Italian  fashion journalist. She was the editor in chief of the Italian edition of Vogue until her death, a couple weeks ago. A big traveler, Franca visited India, France, the United States, England, always looking for new horizons. She was hired as a journalist and editor in chief in different Italian magazines like L’Uomo Vogue… Read more »

  • capture

    FFM: Graham Rogers

    Well, if you watch ABC channel’s new success, Quantico, you know who’s our FFM, Graham Roger that cute, handsome boy playing Caleb Haas in the show. If you watch American TV, then you probably saw him first in State Farm Insurance commercials. His first success was his part in the sci-fiction TV show Revolution as one of the… Read more »