Hey. I am back. Again. Happy Sunday everyone, hope you had a sunny and funny weekend. I came today with a verspecial look to me, composed by two of my favorite items in my wardrobe, inspired by the seventies fashion.

Sixties fashion

I am a real vintage lover, especially of the period from the 40s to the 60s, where the feminine elegance reached its maximum and women were finally able to feel pretty the way they wanted (you can by the way read my article about vintage clothing history here). Sadly, I can’t adopt a vintage style in my everyday life, somehow, I sometimes try  to slip a little vintage touch in my outfits, like a Vichy pattern pants or a bandana but, I never go out without an eyeliner.

I wear today the prettiest white lace top from Monsoon, and a buttoned straight skirt in a sort of  brick-red from Massimo Dutti. I think that Monsoon is a very good place to shop for a wedding and you can always find some interesting articles for your vintage shopping. Massimo Dutti is also the perfect place where you can find classy pieces and some 60s, 70s fashion vibes.




sixties fashion Seventies Seventies Seventies fashion Seventies

Written by Maha El Haiba

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