Hey, I’m back, again. I realized that I don’t talk a lot about beauty on the blog. I don’t have a lot of posts talking about makeup, because I don’t wear any, despite my eyeliner.  It’s the week-end and it’s the perfect time of the week where we all want to take care of ourselves, so I decided to give you a little review about my skincare summer favorites. Tell me in the comments if you have tried any of these and what’s your impressions.

  • Scrub, Scrub…

One of my favorite things to do to take care of my skin, and especially after a good tan is to exfoliate and scrub it. One of my very summer favorites is a cinnamon and honey body scrub from Organic Shop. It smells divinely good and it makes your skin smoother than silk.

My second favorite scrub is a face one, for acne-prone by Nacomi. It’s made for combination and oily skin with corundum, jojoba oil and nettle extract. It doesn’t smell as good as the first one, but it gives you a professional result.

Skincare Summer Favorites
  • Masked Ball:

In the entire process of skincare, masks have a major place in there. As a lot of people, I presume, I am a big fan of Sephora‘s face mask. Due to my little skin issues, the masks that best match with me, are the algae one, that purifies and detoxifies the skin, and the charcoal one, for black dots.

I just discovered lately this new range of skincare launched by L’Oréal with 3 pure clay to detoxify and eliminate black dots. It works so good and you instantly see the difference.

Skincare Summer Favorites 1
  • Hydrate:

I fell in love with this two soft products. The hand cream from L’Occitane En Provence and the face cream from Byphasse are so light, give a perfect hydration and leave a very sweet perfume on the skin.

Skincare Summer Favorites 1

Speaking of good moisturizing, I highly recommend this Dermagor cream, specially made for very dry and atopic skins. For the lip balm, I adore the one from Carmex during summer, because it has a spf of 15 to protect my lips.

Skincare Summer Favorites 1

Written by Maha El Haiba

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